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Most awesome gif ever
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I want to brick free !!!!
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i like the camera!
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Anybody else waiting for the old generation to die, so that we can legalize filesharing, mariuhana, gay marriage etc. and then get on with our lives?
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this is incredibly awesome!
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Update! It's done!

Fuck it! Fuck the two weeks! Sometimes you have to make a cut in your life and start anew. I mean cut, radically cut off your old habits, your old life and start your new ones.

Today I ate my last non vegan food remainders together with my colleagues. I got all my cheese, milk, eggs and yogurt together and made a nice, big and heavy potato gratin and a mokka cream dessert. delicious!

Yet the last echo of a life being left behind.

The togetherness felt family like. It felt good. Although I was stil half full from my rich vegan food 3 hours ago, I ate a big portion, and had big appetite. Soon after then I felt an old familiar feeling of being full, and tired. Really really tired. As If someone pulled the plug. I could not think in a straight line, I had hard time to follow the ideas one of my colleagues pointed out later on the evening, and generally I just felt strained, tired and drained.

I'm looking into my fridge, and it is nearly empty now. No cheese, no salami, nothing. I'm free of it. It's done, I'm a vegan. Tomorrow will be my first, 100% vegan day. That thought alone excites me, it feels like the day before Christmas.

Earlier this day I tried out two vegan meals and snacks. Oh my god, they were so delicious and rich in taste. And the feeling it gave me was as if someone gave me cannabis and coffee at once. I laughed and smiled! I felt happy just by eating different! Wow! That made it so easy to leave old habits behind. What the hell have I eaten the last 22 years? The taste, the feeling and the richness was so awesome.

Do you know how it feels, when you find the next bit of a puzzle? Or a solution to a problem? When it all makes more and more sense? Then you know how I feel right now. I can't tell you how often I felt myself tired and drowsy. But from now on, I feel I have the power to solve all the challenges in my life. I feel powerful, and capable to be the man I want to be. I learned earlier this year that my mind blocked me from all the wonders in life, because I kept telling me "I can't" "I need this and that" "I can't live without that and this" "I'm not motivated" "XXX is to blame for my misery..." etc

Today I learned that someting that simple, nutrition, held me back by using all the energy to digest and process meals that weren't made for us humans. This is over now! I don't feel bad about my parents, they made the best they can to feed us well, we were never really fat, and we lived good and healthy lifes. They were making rich and delicious meals, and sent us to local sports groups. They've made it the best way they could. I'll need to talk to them, sooner or later about this. I'm a bit anxious about their reaction, but I remebered them as very understanding, especially for me, doing things differently. They won't be able to hold me back, my decision is made. The best thing that could happen would be me actually converting them. But I won't be evangelic, I will tell them my thoughts and the path I followed to become a vegan. I will tell them how much I read, how I informed myself and what my thoughts were. I need to stay calm and sober. Again, I'm not 13 anymore. I'm looking forward to it, because it is quite a sticking point in my life. You don't want to hide something from your beloved, you want to go through your life chin up, chest out and tell anybody who you are: A vegan!

So long, cheers and I'll keep you posted!

Plus, I've showed my roommates this soup. Their reaction was going from acceptance, to, " you can't do this, are you crazy, you will lack this and that, blah... bullshit" - arguments follow, he gives up, I, being well informed on what I'm doing, won the argument. It feels good on the right side :D

PS: Recipes coming soon + pics of 'em.

Go Vegan!

What the ...?

Right, that was my first reaction since. Regarding alternative food and eating different, I was indifferent. Why bother? I never had any serious health problems. When I was 16 I could eat and eat and eat and eat, nearly without limits. If I put on, it never lasted long. I've been in good shape. '

Then I started to study and a life on my own. And then I've been putting on, and loosing weight. I weighed 73 Kilo, and I weighed 66 Kilo. I never was "fat", but I needed to look after my nutrition and health. My weight often went down when I restarted sports. But I also started to look after my nutrition often when I (re)started Sports. So this was both benefical to my weight and health. After a while I stopped sports. The reasons don't matter here. 

When you make rather hard workout weeks, you start to develop HUNGER! You can eat a lot, and you can eat whatever you want. Fat, sweet Ice-Cream, Burgers, Döner and so forth.... you just don't put on weight, while you're totally thin.

So what put me onto the vegan trip?

Currently there is a lot of things I want to change. I want pretty much to change who I am. To transform myself into another man. The man I'm dreaming me to be.


The first time I made my thoughts on what I eat and drink, was after, or while, watching this:

Jamie Oliver! What you see in that speech is so horrible, but the bitter truth for thousands of millions ... a lot of people. 

Another benfical factor was my new roommate. He is not eating much, if ever. No I'm joking. It was seldom I was seeing him eating something. Asking him why, he told me his story. He was once >100 Kilo at 1,75m Height. After he finished school he took action and changed his nutrition radically. He informed himself, and begged his parents to do something. He started sports, and he lost weight fast. He weighs about 80 Kilos now. But his body will always bear those shadows from the past. His skin will be wrinkled, and he will always wear a big belly, for the rest of his life.
That made me think again, what I'm eating. I still enjoyed my ready made Pizza from the fridge now and then. Yet I was never really fat.

Then my transformation time came. I wanted to be totally different from what I was once. I wanted to stop eating meat on a regular basis, and eat more vegetables, fresh food and so on...
The reasong was this movie:

The first real tip into the veggie direction. It made me think. How could I eat animals who've been treated as bad as this. The movie makes clear how bad it is. How fucked up we really are. How fucking unhealthy our food is. 

And I slowly went over not to buy salami and meat cuts anymore. 
Then I started to cook more. I cooked vegetarians meals, but still with milk and eggs and stuff, just no meat. And it was delicious, oh yeah! So I was able to live without meat, most of the time. Good! 

Then I listened to a radio station, where an author talked about a book she wrote. She wanted to write a book about the alternative food scene. Therefore she lived 2 weeks each as a veggie, vegan, and so forth. 

They were talking a lot about the arguments in favor of being vegan. Better health, no need to consume products made out of animals, a feeling of being alive, and so forth. 

And it made me think...

Being a vegan was, for me, up to this day totally strange. I thought vegan lifestyle damaged your health on the long run. Vegan meant under and malnutrition. Vegans were fucking nuts to convert you, vegans were totally crazy about not consuming things from animals (even shoes! Were you fucking nuts?!)  Vegans were just a bunch of crazy people making themselves important...

Up to now. 

It made me think. When I can't eat meat anymore, because I just can't bear them suffering for me, how can I bear them suffering for me giving milk. What right on earth do we take, to drink someting made for the calves of the cows. Milk! And I loved milk. What right on earth do we take to eat someting that was made to evolve into a new, beatiful being: An Egg. I thought up to now, that meat, milk and eggs were neccesary for beeing healthy. After I read myself through some stuff on the internet, I needed to realize that it wasn't neccesary. Not at all. The most succesful athletes were vegans. There are tribes all around the world, who live vegan. Japanese can't even drink milk. You just don't need it. Animal goods are luxury goods. Meat, milk, Eggs... they are all luxury goods, if not totally unneccesary. This, plus the suffering of those poor creatures made it. My nutrition will be vegan! Hell yes!

Then I looked at other things, vegans don't buy: Leather! I, growing into the goth subculture, like leather. I planned to buy leather boots. I don't like plastic things because it is so unnatural, and leather boots last longer... Then I looked for vegan boots in that style, and found some. I'll get them, and see how long they'll make it through. Again, it is just not neccesary to have leather. And leather is horribly poisoned with toxic chemicals. So, no leather anymore. And this will continue with every good I use and consume. I will post about those things here in the future, amongst them will be Soyfood / Soymilk, fish and your café latte. Stay tuned!

So, I'll become a vegan. A full fledged vegan. It feels awesome. But there are some things I consider.

1st: Dont be evangelic! It is a decision on my own. It is the only thing that makes sense to me. I'm happy about it, but I have no problem whatsoever that other people are non-vegan. Only in the case, people want to convert me back, I'll spit my arguments into their face. Or I'll just leave 'em alone. Fuck 'em! 

2nd: Don't be all to emotional. I'm not 13 anymore :D
This is a decision on pure reasoning about my health and about moral consquency. I just can't bear it any longer. The things I know tell me that it is against my morals to eat someting that has lots of blood and suffering on it. No! I feel chilled and relaxed, knowing that I do what I think is right.

3rd: Be patient. Don't roofblast your friends with it. My friends still don't know that I have this soup. Noone does! The prejudice against veganism is all over the place, esp in my family. So be patient and cautious.

4th: Exceptions. I have one exception though. Christmas! Or a meeting with friends you haven't seen a looong time. For Christmas I would ask my father to get an animal that was raised apropriately. Then I can eat it with a good feeling, or at least not with a bad one. 

The other thing: Sharing some steak with your friends.  But here again, steak from cows that were raised appropriately, no discussion. 

So this is it. My life is changing, and it will take about 2 weeks the last remainders of my non-vegan life will be either given away or eaten.

Thats it. Prepare for more to come! Stay tuned!
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